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Le Boxx

Le Boxx Drink n Draw Zine

Le Boxx Drink n Draw Zine

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The drawings in this zine were made in 2022 during the Drink n Draw nights at Le Boxx with some extra contributions coming in from further afield. 

Contributions by;

Fredrik Oscarsson, George Bogdis, Duncan Ewington, Mike O´Shea, Sean Bernhardt, Jay Croft, Mike Williams, Michelle Gruppetta, Samot Nosslin, Clara Dunster, Viktor Telégin, Alex Mages, Sophie Görgen, Barry Timmer, Max Solca, Tilda Mårtensson, 7ebra, Ella Binke, Felipe Sketch Stuff, Tilly Hofstetter, Jacob Ovgren, Lorna Goldfinch, Marielle Begic´, Skinny Gonzales, Camille Nitel, Salome Broujerdi, Beatrice Fischer, Tilda Svensson. 

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